Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things I love #19

Food. This is one of the things that tops the list of things I love, but right now I'd like to send a little shout out to beets and another little holler out there for coconut milk. I can't say I've had them together, but they are both highlights of this weeks food. And that's all there is to it.

4 day work weeks. I love that the Mister has Fridays off right now. I will miss this.

When my little lady asks me sweet things like, "Mommy. Are you Ok?"* or, "So, how was your day?". Or when she tells me, "Mommy, you are cute!". All of these things came out of her mouth today, completely unprompted. I love it.

Long shirts. My belly is getting quite rotund, and I'm running out of shirts (yes, even maternity shirts. Hello third baby.) that cover the awesome stretchy part of my pants (Classy, no?). I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the really long ones now. It's a lot.

*The rest of the conversation went as follows: 
Me:Yes I am, thanks for asking. Are you ok?
Her: No. I am not ok.
Me: Why not? What's wrong?
Her: I had a hiccup.

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  1. Communication is a wonderful thing. Life if so much better when we can all communicate with each life is better today because you expressed yourself, and also because the little lady communicated with you about her hiccup. That's all.