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Why Blog?

As one in about a thousand trillion gazillion young moms out there I started out blogging to keep a part of me in my life. I started doing Things I love Thursday to remind me of the small good things in life when sometimes it felt like my whole life was an endless stream of dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and dirty diapers. I'm feeling more on top of life these days and I thought I'd take the extra awesome and funnel it over here. One of the things I love about blogs is the part where people share the things that matter to them. The things that turn a bunch of strangers into a community of people that get excited about the same stuff.

So what's the exciting stuff anyway?

I'm glad you asked. Some of the stuff I love at the moment includes, but is not limited to, sewing, soaping, gardening, and navigating this whole parenting gig. This is a pretty good run-down of my life right now, but I really love to learn new things so don't flip out on me if you find I've started blogging about underwater basket weaving or minimalist backpacking or something.

Make all of the things!

I feel most myself when I'm making things. I haven't found a thing I didn't like to make yet (except cross stitch. Too much counting, too little attention.) and since this is my space and all I expect to talk about making things here. Do you like making things? Stick around. Maybe we can learn from each other. Do you like handmade things? Check out the shop. You may find a thing you like. If you are looking for a specific thing (think sewing, soap,block printed, or hand lettered wares) shoot me an email and we'll see what we can work out.
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What about that name? Cinnamon Salt. 

When The Mister and I were dating one of his roommates called us Cinnamon and Sugar (he's a redhead I'm a blonde). Salt comes from parts of some of my kids names. For a few years now I've been feeling drawn to business in a way I know I can't avoid. I've been putting it off for just as long because my first priority is my family and I didn't have enough attention to share for a while. I'm ready to move toward the only a little bit scary world of running a business and I want to keep my priorities straight. Since my family comes first I figured it might be wise to throw a banner up that I'll see regularly to remind me just in case I need it someday. And, well, if the sort of sappy truth were to be known, I don't think I would have found my love of making or felt that drive toward business if it hadn't been for them. I made things for them before I made them for you. They are how I got here.

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