Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I like Thursday #3

Well, I've been in sort of a funk for the last few days. Probably a result of too much leftover Halloween candy.  Whoops. At any rate, Thursday and the things I'm liking today could not have come sooner. Seriously, I almost did Things I like Thursday yesterday 'cause I just plain needed it this week.

* Writing on paper. In case you were wondering, I actually make my list on paper because I find it easier to think of things I like (and to write in general. more on that later) when I'm not in front of the screen.

*Thinly sliced apples. I like apples anyway, but when they are sliced really *really* for some reason they taste better. Try it.

*SOUP! I have been waiting all summer for soup season, and to be honest with you, right now it's hardly soup weather in my neck of the woods, but it's as close as I'm willing to wait for. The other night I made Broccoli Dijon soup, which is a creamy, non- cheesy broccoli soup. A nice change for broccoli.

*Hot breakfast. In my parents home hot breakfast was usually just a Saturday thing, since the rest of the week was sort of busy. Someday I suppose we might be too busy to have hot breakfast together as often as we do, but lately we have oatmeal or grits something like 4 days a week. I haven't counted or anything, but it's a good amount. When we don't have hot breakfast we usually have breakfast together and I like it like that.

*Children's books. I have always loved kid's books. There is something simple and sweet about them, and for as short as they are they don't have so much fluff. I mean, kids books are usually sort of educational, whether it be colors, shapes, and letters, or ethics and morals, or where something comes from they are fun, and engaging and useful. And they have pictures. What's not to love?

And on that note, I'm interested to know what your favorite Children's book is and why. Seriously. I really want to know.
And as usual, I want to know what else you like. So go ahead. Tell me.

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  1. Yay Katie I love this blog! Ok, first of all... soup! Me too! I once sat down and wrote down all these ideas for new soups. One of them I actually made. It had cubed butternut squash, turkey sausage (a little on the spicy side) red onions and fresh spinach. The colors were so pretty and it was actually quite yummy! Next, children's books! I wish I could write and illustrate them. Luke and I found one at the library the other day by Eric Carle (awesome). I can't remember what it was called but it was about a daddy seahorse and he swam along meeting all of these different fish. it was such a cute story but so educational too! It talked about how the different fish carry their eggs!! super cool!