Thursday, October 27, 2011

Things I like Thursday #2

Well, I'm happy to report to you all that I did not forget about Things I Like Thursday last week which is more than I had anticipated. However, I didn't have access to the ole interwebs for the last week or so because of some fishy wiring business. I don't know. I'm not in charge. At any rate, I have since forgotten what the things I was liking last Thursday were, so I can't even fill you in. Oh well. Let's just say I liked some stuff last Thursday and leave it at that. That brings us to this Thursday. Ahem.
Things I like:

*the interwebs. I mean, who doesn't? It's sorta nice to have them back so I can blow nap time on pinterest instead of doing the dishes. Actually I should probably be better about doing the dishes. I also really like that I can have video chats with my mom again. I'm pretty sure that if my mom weren't my mom she'd be sick of me by now. But I think she's pretty sold on me, especially since I've got her grandbabies. Which brings me to the next thing that I like.

*my kiddos. Ok, I know I'm biased and all, and I don't really intend to fill my Thursdays up with ravings about how dreamy my family is, but just know that it is. Moving on.

*Watching my plants grow. No, I don't actually sit and watch them growing before my very eyes, but I have been known to hi-jack Martell's hand lens (if you are a jeweler it's called a loupe, but we're not jewelers we're into geology, that's why it's called a hand lens.) so that I can spy on the little guys when they are just barely peeking out of the soil. I mean *just* barely, which is why I need the hand lens. Right now I have lettuce and spinach and beets sprouting on my front porch. So exciting!

*My pumpkins. I picked up two little sugar pumpkins at the grocer's the other day because they're charming and I was feeling the need to have some kind of Fall decor since it certainly does not feel like Autumn here (tangent: which do you prefer Fall, or Autumn? I'm not sure which I like better) and also, it makes me feel all thrifty and awesome knowing that those babies are going to make some delicious pies....some darn good pies...they're gonna be pies.

(imagine a picture of a cute pumpkin here. I was going to post one for you, but it turns out that my pokey computer is rendered more pokey by trying to upload the eight hundred some odd pictures I've taken But to be fair I have about a zillion* pictures from our Yellowstone trip on there that I haven't uploaded)

*New vinyl on my dining room floor. When we moved in it was carpet. Nasty carpet. Plus two toddlers eating at that table several times a day equals nastier carpet and a lot of vacuuming. Well, it turns out that the fact that it was nasty carpet was sort of a blessing because it was breaking up at the threshold to the kitchen, thus exposing those metal poking things. All that meant that I got the apartments to put in vinyl. Hooray for not vacuuming every day!

Ok all you wonderful people, you. It's your turn. Tell me what things you are liking today (or yesterday. or whenever). Also I really do want to know, Fall or Autumn? Autumn or Fall?

*Eight hundred some odd - a zillion = still too many to bother counting. And that's good math.

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  1. I do not like having a cold and it is clouding my thoughts. But I DO like having an adorable puppy who will snuggle and take a nap with me when I am sick.