Friday, November 4, 2011

Things I like....Friday?

I can't help it. I like a lot of things, ok?

Ever since I started Things I like Thursday I have noticed my weeks have started following a basic pattern.
Thursday: I am feeling sorta grumpy and I find that Things I like is a good exercise in getting me in a good frame of mind again.
Friday: It turns out that Thursday was just a warm up and I keep thinking of more things I like. "I should have blogged (whatever awesome thing is on my mind) it is so awesome!"

Ok, that's pretty much the pattern right there. It turns out that liking things and telling people about it makes me more aware of other things I like.

So here's the skinny. I like stuff. And I like liking stuff. And I like telling people about it. So today we're having a little overflow from Thursday. And I might overflow more often. We'll just sort of see what happens I guess.

Things I like Friday:

*Woods, forests. Whatever you want to call them. I love being in the cool understory of a big bunch of trees. The air is as fresh as I can imagine air could be, and I am as alive as I can imagine I can be. The home I grew up in was a hop, skip, and a jump away from a decent sized wooded area. I have so many memories of those woods. When I think of my childhood nine times out of ten I think of those woods.

*The sound of heaters turning on. It sounds cozy and secure to me for some reason. There is something comforting and comfortable about listening to the heater.

*Libraries. Today is library day and if the kids decide to go to sleep at some point today (they are "down for naps" which today seems to mean giggling and jumping on their beds) and then wake up in time I am hoping to go with time enough to enjoy a photography exhibit they are supposed to be having. I love photography. Oh wait.

*I love photography. Which is to say I love good fine art photography.

*I loved this clip Martell and I watched yesterday evening of parents telling their kids "I ate all your Halloween candy". Most of it was pretty ok, but the last one was hilarious.


  1. Libraries are the BEST! I seriously love them too much. I love your "I like" posts. They're so cheery....and some of us need cheer with the SNOW!

  2. thanks of the laugh, though there was one guy in there that no one should ever let their daughters date.