Monday, May 20, 2013

On my book pile

Some people have a more decorous way to keep the books they are reading, but I find I usually have them scattered around the house in random piles that I pick up when I have a second or two. Right now I'm pretty excited about this book:
Making More Plants: The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation

Actually I'm in love with this book. I am so excited about plant propagation AND, as if that weren't enough, this book is full of gorgeous photos (shot in film. I love film.). Anyway, if you have any interest in gardening I would recommend this book.

I'm also plowing through Anna Karenina on my iPod, but I expect that to take about a million years at my current reading rate.

*disclosure: This post is about what I'm reading, because I chose to read it. I asked the library to order a copy of Making More Plants: The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation because I wanted to see it before I buy it. I intend to buy it. I also put amazon affiliate links in this post for your convenience in case you want to buy it too.

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