Friday, June 29, 2012

Things I like #17

I sorta fell off the blogging bandwagon when we moved, and we're moving again in about a month and a half. Then we're having a baby a month or so after that, so don't think I've picked up where I left off or anything like that. That would require way more memory than my pregnant brain can handle. But I do sort of miss thinking about things I like, and I thought of that yesterday, since it was Thursday and all. I just never got around to blogging about it. So today is kind of a combined Thursday/Friday post of awesome things. Or at least, I think they are awesome.

*Leftovers. I love having super minimal dinner prep, because not only is it easy, but it means I have more time to work on a quilt that I'm making. 

*Netflix. It is another quilting enabler since I can put it on during naptime and watch every single episode of "Psych" without feeling like a giant couch-potatoey lame-wad since I'm doing something productive. (clearly cutting mass quantities of fabric is productive.)

*The yard. I love hanging out in the outsides. I love seeing my kiddos out there. Today my girly-girl (who knows how I got one of those) held a worm (by request even!) and sat within a foot of a daddy long-legs without even whining while she planted "seeds" (not seeds. whatever she found that was seed like-ish). There are few things cuter than that little reddish headed boy of mine squatting in the sunshine to help Grandpa dig a turnip. Well, other than Goldilocks and her seeds.

*Long shirts. I'm already about as big this time around as I was when miss Goldilocks was born. Guess that's what happens after you've had a couple. Many of my shirts are getting a wee bit snugger than they should and I've got a few months to go, so tomorrow I'm hoping to do some shopping, and in the meantime I'm sure grateful for the few really long shirts I have.

*Early to be and early to rise. I know, weird, right? I love that the Mister's work schedule has us waking up at obscene hours of the morning because I get a few hours to myself before the kids are up. It means that I can go to bed at 8 and call myself a miner's wife instead of an old lady. It means that I can read the paper and check my emails and whatnots without kids clambering over me every minute. Also, I just like being up early and it turns out I'm not really good at getting up during regular early, but outrageously early is actually way easier for me to haul myself out of bed for. Must be my sleep cycles.

*Oh, also I've had this song on my mind of late and it's a good one. Love me some Iron and Wine.

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  1. Hi Katie! Glad you have a yard of sorts! Can't wait to see your quilt!