Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things I like....#10

You may have noticed, but it's not Thursday. And I haven't been doing my Thursday thing for the last few weeks because I've been hanging with my family whilst the Mister is on a school holiday. Things I like Thursdays should be making a comeback this coming week, but at the moment almost everyone else in my house is napping and I've got some likable stuff to talk about.

*Danish puff pastry. Yum.

*Waking up early. Especially when I've had enough sleep.(which means going to bed early, but let's not talk about that.) I love how productive my day seems when I do go to bed early. I was flipping through "The Virginia Housewife"** the other day which is a cookbook written in 1824. I read this: "Early rising is also essential to the good government of a family. A late breakfast deranges the whole business of the day, and throws a portion of it on the next, which opens the door for confusion to enter." Granted, it was written in the 1800s, but it still rather pertinent to, well, anyone. I got up early today and stayed up. Victory! I do feel my day goes better when I make a habit of this.

*Hiking. I love the way my body feels when it has really moved. Today we went on a short, easy hike in light of the fact that we would be bringing littles. Also in light of the fact that we only have one kiddie pack and a wrap, which I've never used for a back carry. The little lady did well walking on her own for a while, albeit slowly, but she took a tumble on a prickly stick I think and it shook her confidence. I ended up carrying her in my arms, having left the wrap in the car, for a solid chunk of our hike. Let me tell you, between not hiking, for I don't know how long, and not making a habit of carrying squirmy, thirty-some-odd pounds of little person for longish periods of walking I am tuckered out. And I feel pretty good.

**"The Virginia Housewife" is a book that I would have probably never taken a gander at, had we not been given a Kindle for Christmas. It is one of those great, free, out of print books that I love. Free, historical, food filled. A good find, I must say. Furthermore it (as well as the beloved Kindle) is something I like.


  1. We'll have to share Kindle finds... I have some too. I like the idea of the whole Virginia Housewife... the fact that they look at "good government of a family" at all is an inspiration to us all! :)

  2. Amen to that Heidi! I'd love to talk books with you. I love all the great classics you can get for FREE!

  3. Good to hear you are using your Kindle