Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My son has great rhythm. He is one and the boy can keep time. It seems we are born with a sense of rhythm. Or he was anyway. I sort of think we all are. It's just a matter of whether we remember it or not. I keep thinking of that scene in Dead Poet's Society* where they are all marching in the courtyard and for some reason it's night I think, but they all start out walking, and they end up in rhythm because they are close to one another. I know in the movie the point is that they lost their own rhythm. They squelched their own pace for that of the whole. Which was supposed to be a bad thing in the film. (right? am I remembering this right?)

The thing is, I don't think it's so bad. The thing is, they all had a rhythm. They were all moving. The thing that would suck is if they just stood there. Which is why I've been thinking about that scene I guess. I've been in a funk lately and I feel like the schmo who just stands there trying to figure out what my rhythm is or was while everyone else is at least marching.

I've been thinking even more about this inasmuch as it is a New Year now, and this is the time that everyone thinks about changes they need to make in their lives and either keeps it to themselves, or posts in on Facebook, or their blogs or wherever for everyone to see. Just so you know. This isn't that post. I will not likely make that post, because I already have a pretty good system for my own accoutability to my goals and I don't really feel inclined to tell you all of my goals and all of the things that I wish I did better, but realistically will probably either forget or still wish I did better in a couple months. (weeks. let's be honest.)

Anyway, I just had a bunch of family in town and I offered my brother some hot cocoa. You should know that it's been right around jacket weather around here. He was a little astounded, I think, and said "no, it's too hot for hot cocoa". Oh yeah. That. It's also been a bit warm for soup, but I'll tell ya, that hasn't stopped me. It turns out that my sense of rhythm is still strolling along. I might not be moving at a brisk clip these days, but I'm moving. And the rhythms I have are surprisingly important to me. So here's to cocoa and soup to tell myself it's winter, and here's to picking up the pace.

Do you have things that keep your rhythm right? Yearly, daily, weekly? What keeps your pace?

*Fun fact: I have only watched this film once, and I am fairly certain I was home sick from school the day I did. This means that I don't actually remember much of it. So if I totally messed up that