Thursday, November 19, 2015

Things I Love #25

*I love feeling accomplished. Today I got brave and changed the thread in my new to me serger. I also tried this technique called flatlocking which I failed at, but ya know, I'm learning so I don't feel so bad about it. And in the process I made a headband and used some of the old fabric stash. I also vacuumed and swept and did dishes and laundry and fed my 3 month old a million times, and did some homeschool with the big kids. I'm trying this new thing, now that I'm not moving or pregnant or moving and pregnant. It's this thing where I try to keep up with the housework/homeschool instead of always being behind and wishing I had more time/energy. The whole being not pregnant thing helps a ton with the energy issue, so I'm trying for realsie reals to get our house put together.

*I love experimenting. Like when I tried new stuff with my serger today. And like yesterday when I decided to attempt taking root cuttings from my raspberries. Our raspberries are all but buried by the crazy untamed grapevines and I'm pretty sure I saw something like 5 or less canes this year. Raspberries are some of my most favoritestest things so I'm gonna need more of those in my life. I could buy more in spring (and I might) or I could just propagate more from what I have, and since making more plants is also one of my favorite things to do, that's the route I'm going. It's like magic. Oh yeah, and

*I love raspberries and

*I love making more plants. If you didn't notice those things up there.

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  1. I keep trying with raspberries in our back yard. We always just get a handful - I keep trying! I transplanted them this summer to a new bed. . .