Thursday, June 25, 2015

Things I love #23 (A draft I forgot about from several months ago)

*Butter. I used to be all judgy about how much butter people used at dinner functions (that was a long time ago. Let's just let that slide, guys), but ever since having kids I have developed a great love for butter. I mean, I was no stranger to it before. All I'm saying is that the amount of butter I put on toast would be appalling to my former butter judging self.

*Play dough. I have probably a solid hour on my hands thanks to the entertaining properties of that stuff. Maybe more.

*Blankets. Specifically, I am especially fond of this gorgeous quilt my grandma made us for a wedding present. While that was years ago, I'm just now pulling it out. We left it with my parents when we moved to Louisiana, because we didn't have a bed the right size before then and so seldom used it. Now that we are closer to my folks again, and my kids are getting bigger we pulled it out to see if it could be put to use. It turns out it's too big for a twin bed, and it's just a little small for my bed, but it works perfectly as a spare to fill in on chilly nights for me. And it's not so big and unweildy as to prevent me from stealing it away to the couch for some binge watching of Gilmore Girls (Oh yes, I do). Also, it's pretty. Also, also, I don't see a lot of my Grandma who made this, but I love it because it reminds me of where I get my craftiness from (like the making kind, not the sly, possibly villainous kind).

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