Thursday, May 15, 2014

Things I love #22

*Making things. I feel most myself when I make stuff. I just do.
*When I sit down to write something and I end up with something else.
*Pecans in my oatmeal. Plus a whole bunch of fruit.
*Post-its. My memory functions best when it's stuck in prominent places in my house.
*This cool thing I've been doing lately where I don't procrastinate the laundry and the dishes because, as much as I don't really want to do laundry and dishes I'm a lot happier when I just do them than when I avoid them and get annoyed at how messy my house is. Plus it doesn't take as long to fold one or two load of laundry as it does to fold like 15...or whatever)
*Play group. I seriously love the ladies that have kids that play with my kids. My kids get friends. I get friends. Win win.

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