Sunday, November 3, 2013


As we were loading the kids in the car after church today one of the sweet white haired ladies in the ward stopped to tell the Mister that we had done a wonderful job with our family and she was proud of what a good family we are. That woman always knows just the right thing to say and she has brightened my day more than once because of it. The part she didn't hear, (I hope) was that as she was saying the sweetest things my little lady was yelling out the door to her dad, "AND NO CANDY FOR YOU!". We have at least done something right... ?

At the park a few weeks ago my little man had an accident. I came unprepared because I'm cool like that and I didn't have a change of pants for him. I did have clean unders for him...just no pants. So I did what any good mom would do and let him run around without pants. It was a small park and no one was there but our playgroup. It was blocked from the road by some buildings and I had loaded three small people into my car to get there. I was not going to let a little lack of pants ruin our fun. Well, while were were there the kids started throwing the pea gravel. I'm pretty sure they were pretending it was confetti. No malice involved, and no throwing at anyone, and it's teeny tiny rocks, so we let them play. No harm done. And then a cute pregnant lady walked up. She had come to shop at a store across the way. She was well put together. Cute hair, make-up done, a cute outfit that hadn't been slimed or tugged on by little people. She had heels on. This was obviously her first child. She stopped to inform us that my child was throwing rocks and she was trying to be tactful and that's how I had the conversation I would never have dreamed of if I were still childless.
She walked up saying,  "Hi, um...I just wanted to let you guys know that little boy (pointing at a herd of running children), the cute one... "
we all think...they're all cute...aren't they? and finally it dawns on me that her finger is following my boy and, trying to confirm who we're talking about, I use the most distinguishing feature he's got going at the moment...

"The one without pants?"

To her credit she only faltered momentarily before informing me that he was throwing rocks. I told her Thanks, and that I'd keep an eye on it.


  1. This makes me smile. I remember my crowning play group moment in Lafayette of having to strip Noah down because he had been playing in the mud and rinse him off in the sink in the bathroom. Then carry both sobbing children over my shoulders to the car whilst reminding myself that I really do love being a mother. So at least your pant less wonder was a happy boy!

  2. Cindy, I don't remember that one. I must not have been there that week. We do all have those moments too though. And it's a good thing we have shoulders to throw the littles over when those moments happen.