Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I like #21

The other day I had the same line of a song running through my head for the whole morning, and while that in and of itself isn't uncommon, I did track the whole song down this time and give it a listen. The line was, "I loved you first" from Regina Spektor's "Samson". The mister always teases me that he loved me first because he said so first, so I had a hard time getting the line unstuck and by the time I'd sung it in the shower, while working on some sewing experiment, getting told to stop singing because my big girl had fallen asleep on the couch (never mind that both of the little boys keep poking, and kissing, and trying their darndest to climb on her, while I tried my best to stop them), and while cooking dinner, I figured I'd better track down the song while I cleared the table. Well, truth be told, I sat down to the computer to put it on after I'd cleared a few things and then all the kids climbed on top of me, so we watched the video while Senior Amazing-face cleared the table. And now, for your listening enjoyment, is a thing I like:

 And another good one for good measure:

Other things I like include sitting outside on a blanket watching my kids play, taking photographs, dreaming of developing my own photographs, sewing and using my noggin to make up new things to sew. I may blog more about that soon...ish...I hope. Oh yeah, and I like blogging, so Imma do more of that. Or that's the plan. So far so good.

What are you liking today? Or yesterday if you don't have anything yet today. I seriously want to know. So tell me. What do you like?What do you like?What do you like?


  1. I like reading your blog...because I miss you...and you are awesome. seriously awesome.

  2. Hi Katie, I haven't visited your blog in AGES, and that is completely my fault, and completely my loss. I realize this post is so very old in the world of the inter-slice, but I wanted to add a few of mine anyway. I like the smell of the desert after it rains. I like the smell of the microbiology lab....even when it doesn't smell very good. I like the sound of little kiddos singing when they don't think anyone is listening.

    1. The Molly. I like you. I love that you like those things.