Friday, May 24, 2013

Sewing and Rocks.

When I was young my family would go to the beach, or the river, and I would fill my pockets with rocks and things, but mostly rocks. The ones that looked the best. I would stuff my pockets full and when I got home I'd put them in a flower pot in my room. I don't know when I learned to do this, but I'm sure I learned it from my mom. She always had rocks around the house. The nice round bluish grey ones that were all smoothed out by days and days of water and force. They were beautiful. I've always loved those water smoothed rocks. Now I'm married to a geologist and once again my home is full of rocks. Some are mine. (The apple doesn't fall far.) Usually the smooth ones are mine. Some are his. His are sometimes smooth, but more often they have interesting crystals, or fossils, or structure of some sort.

My mom used to use her rocks too. She had a basket full that she would use when she was sewing as pattern weights. The other day I was working on my pattern and I have my draft drawn out on craft paper from a roll. It wants to stay rolled and I found myself in need of some weights. I don't have a basket of rocks reserved for my sewing needs, but I have rocks. I swiped some from my bookshelf where they keep my thyme cutting company and they worked a charm.

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