Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things I like #15

I have been boycotting the fact that I should be wearing maternity pants by now. I do the old rubber band trick* when I'm in public and well, I don't bother with the rubber band at home. However my regular pants are getting a little uncomfortable of late and this morning I pulled out the box of maternity clothes. I put on my jeans and realized they make those things for a reason. Then I realized they smelled pretty weird from being in storage, so I  pulled on my regular jeans, grabbed a rubber band and did some laundry. So as far as things I like go:

*Jeans that fit.
*Clean sheets, cause if I'm going to do a bunch of laundry, well, let's just do a bunch of laundry, shall we?
*This great video I saw earlier this week about an outdoor kindergarten in Norway. I am always amazed at the difference in my kids when we've spent the morning outside. They are more confident and happy and curious. It's like their faces are even different. Like all the sunshine they soaked in is overflowing out of their sparkly little eyes. Anyway, here's the video**.

*if you are unfamiliar with this it's just looping a rubber band (or a less likely to break hair tie) through the button hole in your pants and around the button to extend the waist of your pants.

**I am amazed at the skills those kids are learning too! I am pretty sure high school kids aren't allowed to light a fire at school in the USofA. 

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  1. I haven't watched the video yet, but I have a sister-in-law who says the same thing about her pack of often difficult kids. They crave time outside, and it's like whatever she thought they needed, what they actually needed was some nature.