Thursday, February 2, 2012

Things I like #13

It's Thursday. I've been tired. One kid puked this morning and they've both been whiny...screamy actually...all morning. It is tempting to skip this. To ignore the good things in my life and to mope. Because who doesn't want to mope when things are tough. But that's sort of why I started this Thursday business. To remember the good things. The things I like. So here goes.

I like letters. I got a nice long message from a dear old friend today. I always love hearing from friends, but sometimes it is just the right day for it. Sometimes it is the day you needed a friend and maybe they needed you too. I dunno, but either way it's the most wonderful surprise.

I like letting my body wake up when it wants to. I'm looking forward to moving westward again so that when it wants to wake is earlier in the day. Today I slept till I was done sleeping and it was lovely. I also went to bed earlier yesterday and I'm sure that helped.

I like making things. Lately I've been working on some doilies. I never really considered myself a doily kind of a girl, but they are growing on me and it turns out I really enjoy making them. Following a pattern that changes every round makes for engaging crocheting. I enjoy the thoughtful monotony of projects like blankets or hats, but sometimes you don't want too much extra room for thinking. Not that it's bad. Just nice to have something to focus on.

 I like sitting in a quit house. My kids are napping, at the same time (hallelujah!) and I can hear the oven turning on and off as my bread bakes. The window is cracked open and I can hear an occasional bird and that's it. Oven and birds. And typing. Which I'm about to stop.

Have a lovely Thursday.

p.s. happy Groundhog Day! (Here's a link to the whole film, but I don't know if it'll be up for longer than today.)


  1. I tell you we're cut from the same pattern. I too LOVE letters. I love to write then and receive them. If I could make a living at it, I'd be rich. Well, I feel rich when I receive a letter or brighten someone's day with one. It's all I need. I used to have about 40 pen pals all at once. It was neat getting letters from
    around the world and all over the USA. Sometimes they'd send little gifts from their part of the world.That was when I had nothing better to do than write letters. That's how I managed to have adult conversation while I raised 4 children.

    Then I joined the church and my time became limited to one letter a day because suddenly
    I was busy all the time. I have dropped all but one pen pal who has becomes a very dear friend from Chicago. She and her husband have been to visit us 4 times over the years. Even attended 2 of our children's weddings. We write to each other every day. She doesn't have a computer and doesn't want one. She prefers writing the old fashioned way. I do too but I can't give up the convenience of instant chatting with friends and family through email and Facebook. There's no way I could keep up with everyone if I hand wrote personal letters to all of them and I'd never hear back from the majority. But for my special friend and my Aunt in Texas, who still loves to write, I write. I love pretty writing papers and cards and stickers to decorate my out going mail with. The Mail carrier loves it and those who receive anything from me love it too. It's a little work of art in their mailbox.

    Doilies.....Never tried it and don't know if I have the patience for that. But I love doilies. My aunt in Texas send me one now and then. It's hard for me to sit still to finish that kind of project.

    Okay TMI!


    1. Well, Linda, I'm glad to have found a kindred spirit here! I love old fashioned post office mail too, but it's true, this whole internet thing has it's perks and it provides the adult conversation I need, since I'm certainly in that stage of life. :D (p.s. I think that would have been so fun to have 40 penpals!)