Friday, January 27, 2012

It's Friday.

I missed things I like Thursday. My kids were both vying for attention all day and blogging didn't really happen. I do, however, like that I am able to stay home with my kiddos and give them all that attention when they are just having a rough day. I like that I get to raise my own kids instead of sending them off to daycare where they might not get the extra love they need on a day like yesterday*. I'm also rather fond of the fact that they are both happily (if not sleeping) in bed right now giving me a needed break, because while I like that I get to do this work, it is work.

I like my fluffy comforter. It is sometimes bordering too warm for it, but I still like sleeping in a big fluffy fluff.

I like Ruth Stout. I saw these videos on Jenna's blog and I loved them.

Happy Friday! 

 *I'm not anti-daycare. Just so you know. I just like that I get to be home with my littles. I also think kids get love at daycare, but I think I'm more qualified in the loving department when it comes to my own kids. I also like that. 

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  1. wow, how about not trying to tell the plants how to behave...I think she's got something there.