Friday, November 11, 2011

Things I love Thursday #4

I do realize that today is, in fact, Friday, but I did jot down my list yesterday so I'm still calling it Thursday. I decided to hang out with the Mister and watch The Sing Off instead of blogging. No regrets.

*The Mister. Okay, I actually didn't write this on my list yesterday, but I figured that if I like him well enough to skip out on this blogging thing he deserves mention. And truth be told I always like him. So I ought to at least put him on here once at the risk of being sappy.

*Learning. I love the thrill of figuring something out that I never knew before. I checked a book out from the library about herbal remedies. I am amazed at how many plants that I already knew are medicinal and I didn't know it. Pretty cool. Also the photos in the book are gorgeous which is also a thing I like.

*Good Eats. The show. With Alton Brown. I like a lot of cooking shows, but this one is super awesome. It's like the Bill Nye the Science Guy of cooking shows. Sorry to show my nerdery like that, but sometimes these things can't be helped. My two year old asks to watch it and since I'd much rather watch it than Looney Tunes I happily oblige most of the time. She started saying things like "good eats" at dinner time. I assume she likes my cooking.

*Playing piano. I am learning, and I'm not really all that good, but I enjoy it. I also learned a cool trick for me and that is that it requires me to focus. AND I enjoy it. For an ADD kid like me that is a really great way for me to practice making my brain pay attention. It's also a good way to warm up my brain for things that I don't enjoy so much, but that require my attention. Useful, and fun. Of course I like it.

*Sewing. I never thought I'd be a crafty person, but I guess I sort of am. I also never thought I'd be precise enough to sew well, but it turns out there was this creepy perfectionist hiding inside of me all along. Not to say that I'm creepy, or that perfectionists are creepy. Mostly that it's creepy that I'd ever be anything remotely like one. If you saw my bedroom as a kid you'd understand. Although, if you did, you might be the creepster. (Not you, Mom) Anyway, I am working on a quilt and it's strangely addicting. Like, I don't really want to do my housework and make dinner and things addicting. (Is that even a compelling argument? Who does want to do that stuff? You know what I mean)

*A real dining table of my very own! When I got married we got a card table because it was cheap and we've been eating at it ever since. We are up two kids since then and we couldn't actually fit all the plates and the food on the table at the same time. Someone from church needed someone to take a table of their hands complete with a bunch of chairs and we managed to do the job. And seriously, even my dishes look nicer now. It's pretty great.

*Hearing (or reading) what you like. I know. How annoying of me to solicit your input, but I really do enjoy learning what you enjoy. So go on. Tell me. Even if you did already. I like it.

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