Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things I like Thursday #5

I've got this thing on my brain with art and science and I can't seem to get it off. I really love both and I really don't get why they end up so segregated, but that is another post (tomorrow?) But the first thing I like today is:

*things that involve art and science. i.e. gardening, baking, photography, and sewing. I love how these things really engage me and I am starting to recognize the pattern, that they all involve both technical skills and creative skills. More on that tomorrow I guess. I think. I hope.

*Film photography. Doesn't this video make you want to go develop some film? I have some cameras, lenses and a bunch of expired (but hopefully still ok) film. Next up: A developing tank/reel...and a bunch of chemicals.

*Sufjan Stevens. I've just been browsing YouTube trying to pick a song to link to, but it is tough. They are all soooooo good. And that's saying something because it usually annoys the daylights outta me when people say things like 'sooooooo' instead of 'so'. Clearly if he merits excessive use of letters then he's pretty stinkin' good.

*Homemade cake. Like not from a cake mix. I didn't have any mixes and my little guy recently had a birthday (which we still haven't had cake for officially due to scheduling difficulties. good thing he's still a little guy and doesn't know any better) so I made a cake from scratch and it's pretty dang good. I guess I'm gonna have to make him another birthday cake. p.s. does anyone know the difference between regular chocolate cake and devil's food cake? According to the recipe, it is in the baking soda/powder business, but I don't know what that does to the resulting cake.


  1. i think the devils food cake is more this is kate...not nate lol

  2. I'm almost certain the difference is the chocolate source... for devils food it is cocoa only, not melted bakers chocolate. Which I will admit is the difference between my two favorite chocolate cake recipes. But I've found that the line is rather blurred.