Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things I like Thursday #6: The Thanksgiving Edition.

In honor of the holiday I thought it appropriate that the things I like be things I'm also thankful for (there's a difference, ok).

First and most importantly: The Mister. I am thankful for his help in the kitchen today and throughout our marriage. When we were first married he cooked more than I did, and while the tables have turned I am still grateful to have a husband who knows his way around a  kitchen. I am thankful for his patience most especially with me. This is especially important today given my Benedryl induced stupor was not conducive to making pie crust and I needed someone to come in and stick the chicken (yes, chicken, not turkey. This Thanksgiving has been a fly by the seat kind of a day and I'm one hundred percent ok with that.) in the oven while I proceeded to not swear at the pie crust.

What's this Benedryl business? Oh yeah, well that's the next part of this. I'm thankful for Benedryl (actually the off brand whatsit, but I can't actually remember what the generic medicine name is and if I say Benedryl you all know what I'm talking about. No, I am not sponsoring them.) because it kept my nose snot free-ish long enough for me to make some pie type stuff.

I am thankful for my health because it is never more evident how much I rely on the simple health and strength of my body as when I don't have it. I'm also thankful to know what a miracle my body is, and that it is completely able to fight off a simple cold when I know that there are those in this world who don't have that luxury.

I am thankful for hot cocoa and how it feels on my throat and in my tummy.

I am thankful for silly whims.

I am thankful for friendly people of the friend type and of the family type.

I am thankful for pillows.

I am thankful for houseplants.

I am thankful for singing.

I am thankful for comfort.

I am thankful to know that what I have is enough.

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  1. I am thankful for a certain daughter who knows how to live with faith and courage. I am thankful for her friendship and counsel. I am thankful for her sensitivity to her husband, children and friends, her insight into other points of view and her willingness to give others her understanding heart. I love you - I also am thankful that we get to have video chats and do "big hugs" with those kiddos and that you married a good man.