Friday, November 18, 2011

Deep Thoughts: Science And Art

Not the Jack Handy Deep Thoughts. Sorry to disappoint.

I mentioned this yesterday and I think I will uphold my semi-commitment to write more about this whole science vs. art thing.

I'm getting more and more confused why it is in fact a 'vs.' thing and not an 'and' thing. I for one, really enjoy things that use both sides of my brain. Things that require some amount of technical skill, organization, and planning as well as creativity and artistic-ness and, well, jolly-ness.

I feel that activities that require all these things are more engaging and more satisfying. I feel more balanced when I exercise both sides of my brain. I believe that when we make claims/labels/self-fulfilling prophecies like, "I'm not good at math", "I'm not creative", I can't sing", or "I suck at chemistry" we limit our expertise not only to our perceived skill set, but in our developed skill set. I am convinced that there is no field of study without overlap between the artistic and the technical. When we place limits on ourselves we close doors to the grey area that is somewhere in between (or that is both).

We all have a brain with two sides. A left, thought to be the side of order, and a right, believed to be the creative side. Most of us are inclined toward one side or the other, but the fact still remains: we have a whole brain. Why settle for half?

I believe that when we begin conscientiously exercising both sides of our brains, instead of just doing what we are good at, then we will be more engaged in what we do, we will be more balance people, and we will lead a more fulfilling life.

As I've been thinking about this of late, I feel like I should make a more concerted effort to engage both sides of my noggin. Yesterday I mentioned some things that I enjoy that are fully engaging, but I'm looking for more. Preferably some that I can do in my apartment, but I kinda ignore the fact that I don't actually have a garden at the moment, so whatever works. If you have something you enjoy I'd love to hear about it. I might enjoy it too. And I'm pretty serious about this film photography schtuff. I'm looking into it as soon as I get off this blog thing. See ya.

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